My First Wedding

Wow, where do I even begin!

When it comes to weddings, I never imagined myself photographing them. But this wedding sure did change my mind on that....

I used to get asked frequently if I did weddings, and I would kindly respond that it was not my specialty and that I recommended a more experienced "wedding" photographer. Some people don't realize how different weddings are - the stress level, the amount of time involved in taking the photos and editing a thousand + pictures, the fact that you can't redo the photos if something gets messed up, and the thought of missing one special moment that can happen unexpectedly in a split second at a wedding. These are just a few reasons why I tried to avoid weddings.

But then this past spring, I had a client who said she just really wanted me to photograph their wedding even though I encouraged a more experienced wedding photographer. So I realized that I would need some serious practice before their big day! Fast forward to August 18, 2018 - when I got to second shoot a wedding with the lovely Jane Victoria Photography. I reached out to Jane and asked if I could tag along for a few weddings before my first official wedding to get some practice in. I never imagined that my first wedding with her would be so magical. This wedding allowed me to capture some incredible images that I know will be lifelong favorites of mine. I was so blessed to be able to photograph this beautiful day. Scroll below to see some of my favorites from this beautiful wedding.

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